Come and make the change you want to see in the World.

Year around we need volunteers to help us with in our projects. The help of volunteers is crucial for our success and there are lots of different work fields, in which you can take action now to make life better for someone in our community.
You will have some great experiences to discover our beautiful countryside and learn more about our culture and the life of people in our community.
Our Volunteer’s home is a world’s place of making memorable life-time friendships with other volunteers or local children and adult, from nations to nations. Don’t miss the opportunity for helping the real needy community and the chance to live an experience as you will never find it anywhere.


Teaching in charity school for less advantaged children

Role of volunteers:

Preparation and delivery of lessons in mathematics, science, English, computer science and creative art.
Any other skills like dance, art, games and sports are highly welcomed.

You will teach 3 to 5 hours per day and will have the opportunity to play games with the kids in the afternoon.


There is always an orientation from the beginning until the end of your stay that help you to immerse yourself into the culture and general life of Ghanaians.


There are local teachers in the school who will support and work with you during planning and teaching.

Age and gender:

18 years old and above. Male and Female.

Preferred time:

Although you are welcome anytime during the year, the school has 3 semesters: September to December, January to April and May to beginning of August.

August to September 1st is our long holiday. There is no school but there always other ways you can help if you come. Also arrangements can be made for small classes at the home during the holiday.

Building projects

Our facilities:

Currently, our facilities are not sufficient for the programs. Facilities such as classrooms, library, toilets, computer laboratory and dormitories have to be built.

We are inviting individual and groups who are interested in construction projects to apply and participate in the program.


No skills needed but really appreciated if you are a carpenter, contractor, painter or an architect.

Age and gender

18 years old and above. Male and female

Working hours

8:00 am – 2:00 pm

Type of work

Fetching of water, mixing of concrete, making of blocks, laying of blocks, fetching of sand, etc.


Accommodation rental and food

Because the projects only depend on donation of volunteers, we ask all volunteers to support us with a fee of 40 Euros per week for accommodation rental and food.

Airport pick up and Transportation

Upon your arrival, a member of the foundation will be at the airport waiting to pick you up. The transportation from the airport to Have requires to take a taxi and a bus. Please anticipate 30 euros per person for this transportation.

If you arrive in the night, we shall stay at a hostel, hotel or a guest house and leave for Have on the next day. In that event, expect 12-15 euros for the night.

If you like to join us, please