Moving forward

Our Projects

  • Volunteer3_FotorWe are providing a basic school for all children in Have in the Volta region of Ghana.

    The school began with 3 children in January 2010 under a palm leave shade called in the Ewe tribe “agbado”.The first pupils to start the school was Christopher Morttey,Adzadza Faith and Abiti Emil. In 2011, we had our first volunteers from Germany: Michael Griesbach and Michael Meier who realized the poor situation of the school and organize friends back home to support us with two classrooms.

    Through their actions and motivation many other volunteers individually organize donation and different support to continue running the school.

    In 2015, following our cause to complete all classrooms that we need, some volunteers from Europe, Canada and the UK make a special cooperation to donate two classrooms for the creche and primary four who might be lacking where to stay and learn for the academic year.

    We have achieved a lot but more is needed to be done and competed. We are therefore seeking support from individual volunteers, organizations, and companies to come into rescue of the children in our foundation through volunteering and donation to achieve our total goals for the projects.

  • Projects2Anja Charity foundation has in plan to expand the education of children about their right and freedom in the society. For that matter, our main plan is to go round to community based schools and form a peer educators club, train them regularly with the UN convention of the right of the child and let the children be aware of their basic rights and freedom in the their societies. Volunteers who have experience in the field of child right education program can apply to participate.

  • Projects3Anja Charity Foundation is continuing its good work with the youth and women alike to have a sustainable and self-employable skills training that can help them develop their future and for their children to have better life. Our main target are mushrooms care training, snail rearing, bead making, leather work and general craftsmanship.

    Currently lack funds to develop a nice centre to enhance the project.

  • Projects4_FotorEvery school holiday in the summer Anja charity foundation organise a summer school for children to learn core subjects and participate in different co-educational activities.

    Anja Charity Foundation has its full plan from next summer 2016-2020, there shall special summer program for all children in our peer educators club in schools with other children to learn leadership skills, basic creative Art skills, exchange cultural activities, and life skills education. Volunteers shall involve these children in many activities including sports and games.

    We are therefore asking volunteers to participate to develop such programs and raise funds to facilitate the programs and activities.

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Ghana situation

A high number of children in Ghana are finding themselves in very difficult situations that hamper their growth, development, survival and education.
The list of problems is long and the number of children suffering is too high. Especially in rural areas many children are living in poverty resulting in hunger, malnutrition, homelessness, illiteracy, child labour, diseases, teenage pregnancies among others. Some children suffer from problems of degraded family environment, unfair discrimination, child abuse, child streetism etc.
These harsh situations in which too many of the children in Ghana live have inflicted physical and psychological scars on them. Anja Charity Foundation has been established in order to prevent these situations. We do our best to help children affected by these problems to enjoy a normal life and gain perspectives for their future.

Our Goals

  1. We want to ensure survival, protection and development of all children as well as their active participation in the lives of their families, schools and communities.
  2. We want to create awareness and knowledge of the right of children including those in extreme difficult situations and we would like to change the harmful values, attitudes, habits, practices and behaviours towards children.
  3. We want to create sufficient opportunities for production, employment and sustainable income and livelihood in order to create the framework or necessary conditions for ensuring survival, development, protection and participation of all children in future